Digital Deepak Internship Day-1

Hello friends

This is the first time I am writing a blog article. Really excited and a bit nervous also.

Let me introduce myself first, Am Raghavendra Alampally from Hyderabad, a B.Tech graduate in the field of my dream world Electronics. Now am a Telecom Engineer working for a public sector undertaking, I was not passionate about my job and was constantly looking & exploring my interests. I could unravel my passion for entrepreneurship and started my journey towards that with the help of my Mentor and without disturbing my job.

My business deals with Social Networking and I started to learn digital marketing concepts from YouTube myself. Came across Digital Deepak’s channel and got into his funnel. Joined the Internship program which is unique and insane, pays back for assignments, never heard of this model.

Thrilled to be a part of this internship program and the private FB groups. The content and wisdom shared by Mr Deepak is priceless.

The first class was overwhelming with more than 800 interns. The class started with identifying the goal which could be achieved through this program. My goal is to improve my Social presence by giving value and scale my business by #masstrust. The key takeaways are listed below

  1. Economics :

Had a brief introduction to basic economics

  • How money is created by Debt
  • Global Markets

— Suggested reads Economics 101, Currency Wars etc

2. Communication:

The basic skill is #communication which can be improved by

  • Reading a lot (at least 30 min/day)
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Write a lot, starting with 500 words a day
  • Watch English Sitcoms (The office, Silicon Valley, Sein Field etc)
  • Watch stand up comedy shows to learn culture and local slang.
  • Start with a personal Blog

3. Niche Identification:

Select a niche you are passionate about

  • Amazon Reviews
  • Pre/post Product/Service

— Suggested Niches :Health, Wealth and Relationships

4. Personal Branding

CATT — Content Attention Trust and Transparency

  • Build Your Personal Brand.
  • Do not hesitate to put your Content
  • Show your character and personality on social Media
  • Publish Content in different forms with more content

— Occupy the internet

— Your style your tribe

— People want to hear from people not from brands

5. Sales Funnel

  • Move the free line
  • Build trust through the funnel
  • Build Relationship on automation
  • Build brand ambassadors

— Get a million people at the top of funnel to have 1000 reach the bottom

This is what I have learnt from my first class. Looking forward to lean a lot from Deepak Kanakaraju and the digital marketing community




A passionate entrepreneur and a business coach helping people achieve their dreams

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Raghavendra A

Raghavendra A

A passionate entrepreneur and a business coach helping people achieve their dreams

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